General Manager

Jordan, New York, United States


We are seeking a General Manager to join our team at Central New York Feeds, a small but growing agribusiness in upstate New York. This individual will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of our feed mill facility in Jordan, NY.

We are a bulk manufacturer of animal feed for dairy farms around Central New York. We receive 100+ different commodities and other ingredients by truck and rail to produce bulk custom feed rations shipped directly to farms.

We are looking for a high-integrity, talented and hard-working individual who is able to lead from the front - taking care of the higher level needs of running a feed mill while being present and involved in the day-to-day tasks. No job is too small. Quality, low cost and a consistent product coupled with exceptional service is what allows us to supply some of the largest and most successful dairy farms with their feed, all things which are the responsibility of the General Manager. Additionally, maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, vendors, and customers will be critical for success.

Do not expect to sit behind a desk all day. Do expect an efficient, productive workplace with friendly and interesting co-workers, new challenges, opportunities to grow, and high expectations. This position will overlap with our current General Manager for 3-6 months.




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